This loot tool is only to be used in cases when there is nothing
stated in the written adventure but the AI thinks that there may
be a chance of decent loot. Here we go:

An item of value. I am making a second d100 roll ...

The item you loot is *an energy source*.

I am proceeding to find out more from the Items & Artifacts tables ...

Hm ... It would seem that the item is Zira-Kaan, from the
Imperial Era! I am thrilled to get a chance to examine it! I am
making two d8 rolls on the table for these finds. Cut me some
slack here, please. The results may not always make sense (use
what does), and sometimes they are the same or just incompatible
(use the first).

First result:
The item has been present at some kind of well-known historical
event, such as a battle, a treaty, an accident, etc.

Second result:
The item was stolen, either from someone in history or from
someone today---possibly both!

If I may give you a brief lecture? Imperial design happens to be
a specialty of mine! Despite its moderation in all areas,
Imperial era design is very distinct: It is characterized by
quality materials, sensible design choices, durability in
everything, one tool for one purpose and a quite and subtle
artistic elegance. For example, a colonial exo might have an
interface chock-full of features, a dozen different core
materials, many additional functions and display digital
decorations chosen by the current user. An imperial exo, by
contrast, will have a dead simple interface, be built in
frontanium, have zero additional functions and only be decorated
with the Itori crest, etched into the back plate.

For someone
not knowing history very well, it would be easy to think that the
Imperial era was less technologically advanced than later
periods. But this isn't the case. It is a matter of culture and
principle. The Imperial subject's insignificance and obedience
(to the Emperor) is shown in a humble and responsible design,
while the Empire's immense, eternal power is shown in the

That's it. A truly great find!